Friday, August 11, 2006

The Ikea Dog Penis

OK so a very good friend of mine works at IKEA.

And they've just put out their Canadian Ikea 2006 catalog.

Did you know that the Ikea catalog is the 2nd most published publication in the world, next to the Holy Bible?


So not long after the "K-drop" (ikea speak for catalog delivery, bane of the mailmen everywhere) do people start phoning in about the inside cover photo.

It looks rather innocent:

So what are they calling about?

apparently there is some concern about the dog. Click and see if you can spot it.

Well, the grand question is - what is it? Is it a leg? Is this dog anatomically gifted? Or has some mischievous publisher got all photoshop with the dog, Tyler Durden style?

Comments, on a postcard please. Or in the comments section. If you are in the US, UK or other country where IKEA publishes - can you tell me if you have the same thing??